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  • Paul Rain

Chloe Davis vs Ivy Rain Rematch - AFTERMATH

Following their rematch, Chloe Davis wasn't satisfied with just fucking Ivy Rain with a Strap-on. We kept the camera rolling as Ivy was getting ready to leave but as she is getting dressed Chloe renters.

What follows is the hardest scene Ivy Rain has ever done as Chloe has her way with her. Ivy is hog tied and fingered. The action then moves to Chloe's dungeon and Ivy is strapped into a 4 point harness and has breast milking machines attached to her breasts whilst a fucking machine is inserted into her pussy.

Once Ivy has come hard from the pounding from the fucking machine, Chloe next puts her into a pillory, gags her and uses a hitachi wand on her until Ivy squirts all over the floor.

Chloe continues next in a standing pillory and uses the wand on her again.

This is the only video featuring Ivy being destroyed this way and is only available on Sheer.

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