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July & September Shoots

Hope you are well .

Our trip to Budapest was very successful and we will definitely be returning later this year to film there again.  Antscha's studio was a lovely place to film and she was very welcoming.  Nikki really looked after us and made sure we had a great time.  Aside from our filming, Bambi and Ivy filmed a whole host of scenes for Nikki's various productions and also for Antscha so keep an eye out for that content. From what I saw it was really sexy.

But now we look forward to our July Shoots, as it is such an intense shoot we would really appreciate you getting your custom orders in quickly to help with the scheduling.  The line-ups for all four days are sorted and they are attached.

We have also sorted the line-up for Spain in September and having met her in Budapest and watched her filming some clips for Nikki, Amy Douxxx comes highly recommended from me.  I'm really looking forward to filming with her.

For those who are into the Trans Female Sexfights we are going to hopefully be filming another one at the end of June.  I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but it has sold very well.  Please note this does not mean we will be filming Trans Female vs Female sexfights.

As always we appreciate your support it really helps us and we look forward to receiving your custom requests shortly

Best wishes

Paul & Ivy

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