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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0002 - Eva Ray vs Roo Morgue - Roo's Audition

Eva Ray contacted me and told me that she wanted to have a sexfight with her BFF, Roo Morgue and of course I was only too happy to oblige.

These two tattooed ladies are really best friends and it was exciting to think of the prospect of them getting to grips with each other.

Due to the Covid lockdown rules I couldn’t be present to film this, so this is self-shot and unfortunately this isn’t ideal when two hot women grapple and sexual attack each other.

They bend each other into various positions and whilst they have their opponent trapped rub or lick their wet pussies.

Scissorholds, camel clutches, boston crabs and Eva’s signature grapevine are all used to devastating effect as they edge each other closer to climax.

Even though these two are friends, pride is at stake as they battle to see who is the better sexfighter.

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