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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0003 - Beth Bennett vs Ivy Rain - Titfight Test

Stunning blonde Kiwi Beth Bennett and beautiful brunette, Ivy Rain both are well endowed in the chest area. I really wanted to include titfights in my repertoire of contests and both ladies agreed to take part in a short test to see if it would work.

And oh boy did it work ever.

These two slam their massive mammaries into each other with hands behind their back as they use their breasts sumo style to push and punish the other one.

They wrap their arms around their bodies and use their breasts to painfully lift the other girls with breast power alone. It’s an amazing sight seeing their beautiful boobs smashed together.

Eventually one lady can take no more and her rival grabs her hair with one hand and a boob with another as she proclaims her victory.

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