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RAIN0005 - Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain Sexfight - Start of the Rivalry

Petite spitfire Eva Ray and my busty wife Ivy Rain have wrestled each other a number of times. Sometimes Ivy has come out on top and sometimes Eva Ray has. Off the mats they get on, but on the mats is a different story.

I’d been hinting at a sexfight between them for a while and when Ivy agreed I was on tenterhooks as to what would happen.

This is the match which birthed Mr Rain’s Sexy Wrestling.

In this 30 minute match these two rivals take it to each other on the mat. Eva Ray knows Ivy’s weakness for breast attacks and grapevines, Ivy knows Eva Ray struggles in scissorholds, but what happens when you throw pussyrubbing and some pussylicking into the mix?

By the end both ladies are sweaty and horny from the exertion of wrestling and sexfighting a first for both.

What we can tell you is that there wasn’t a definitive winner so we did what every good producer did and immediately scheduled a rematch and what happened in that one was surprising.

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