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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0011 - Sexfight Tournament First Match - Eva Ray vs Gigi Rouge

This is the first match in a mini-sexfight tournament and sees veteran sexfighter Eva Ray taking on flame-haired rookie Gigi Rouge.

Eva Ray has so far dispatched every other girl that she has faced in sexfights, but Gigi although tentative is going to give it her best shot.

The petite Latvian wrestles at a slower pace than usual here, she knows that the tall, slim Gigi has no experience, but it doesn’t stop Eva Ray from trapping her in grapevines and rubbing her pussy.

Gigi tries her best and has Eva in trouble a few times, as Eva loses herself in the pleasure being given to her by the beautiful Gigi.

Eventually one girl claims victory by sitting on her opponent's face and flexing advancing to the next round.

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