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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0012 - Sexfight Tournament Second Match - Ivy Rain vs Rosie

In the next match in our mini sexfight tournament my delectable wife, Ivy Rain takes on the debuting powerful blonde, Rosie.

Ivy has the edge in wrestling experience, but Rosie is taller and I’m sorry to say tougher. Ivy immediately uses her large boobs to smother Rosie, but she powers out and traps Ivy in a body scissors with her big powerful legs.

Rosie learns fast and has Ivy in trouble, things even a bit when they start to rub each other’s pussies, but Rosie once again asserts her dominance.

Ivy resorts to tribbing, but Rosie thrusts back with equal intensity.

Will Ivy suffer the embarrassment of losing to a first time sexfighter or will it be Rosie who claims victory by sitting on her opponent’s face.

Please note this match is shorter than usual due to a injury sustained by Rosie which interrupted the filming.

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