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RAIN0015 - Alora Lux vs Ivy Rain 1hr Marathon Sexfight Complete

In their first sexfight, Alora Lux became the first woman to finger my wife Ivy Rain on film during the best selling RAIN0001. She also claimed victory, a result which Ivy disputed as she felt that she had clearly won their encounter.

To settle it once and for all we arranged for a one hour marathon sexfight between these two rivals, and wow what a sexfighting war they had!

These two busty beauties wrestle, rub pussies, maul breasts, perform oral and finger each other trying to make the other climax. Not content with being the first woman to insert a finger into my wife’s pussy, Alora goes one step further this time and on multiple occasions inserts two fingers as she tries to make Ivy cum.

By the end there is a clear sweat drenched winner, one thing for sure this rivalry certainly isn’t over, and the loser has already demanded a rematch

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