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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0017 - Sexfight Tournament Final Eva Ray vs Rosie

Powerful blonde caused an upset when she defeated Ivy Rain in the first round, but now she faces a tougher challenge against undefeated pocket rocket Eva Ray.

Straight off the bat Eva Ray traps Rosie in her dreaded grapevine spreading her wide, before trapping her in a bodyscissors but Rosie escapes and breast smothers Eva.

This is a very even match, with lots of wrestling holds, pussyrubbing, oral and tribbing. These two beauties fight all over the match, their moans of pleasure and pain echoing around the room.

It felt like at any moment one of them could claim victory as the battle raged on. Eventually one claims her prize sitting on her defeated rival's face and gyrating in victory.

But was it the experienced petite Latvian, Eva Ray or the tall blonde rookie, Rosie who would claim victory in the final of our very first sexfighting tournament?

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