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RAIN0019 - Essie vs Ivy Rain Sexfight - Essie's first GG

Blonde pocket rocket Essie is good friends of my wife, Ivy Rain. Since we started our store she has been eager to pop her wrestling and lesbian cherry.

When luck would have it that we were only down the road we were only too happy to oblige. We arranged to meet Essie in a nightclub, put down some padding and literally fed her to Ivy.

At first Essie was nervous and couldn’t help but giggle nervously, but once my busty wife got her hands and tongue on the petite blonde, the laughing turned into groans of pain and moans of pleasure.

Essie is so small and inexperienced that Ivy was able to lock her up and play with her pussy. She also punished Essie with her constantly improving oral skills and tribbed her.

Essie was helpless to resist as she was so turned on by finally having Ivy’s boobs in her face and my experiencing her first girl on girl sexual experience.

This is not as competitive as our normal matches, but if you want to see a sexy blonde experiencing another girls sexually wrestling her for the very first time then this is for you.

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