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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0020 - Alora Lux vs Mandy Foxxx Sexfight

The vivacious Mandy Foxxx makes her debut for us and takes on one of our most experienced girls in the shape of nymphomaniac Alora Lux. Originally scheduled to be one of our standard matches we left the camera rolling as these two did everything in their power to make the other girl orgasm.

Alora was desperate not to lose to the debutante but Mandy is strong, powerful and a sexual dynamo. These two beauties slapped ass, rubbed pussy, licked pussy, tribbed and fingered each other trying to pick up the win.

Mandy even resorted to rimming and teasing Alora’s asshole with her finger. There are orgasms by both ladies but only one can pick up the win sitting on the loser’s face and flexing in victory.

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