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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0021 - Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain 2nd Encounter

We are pleased to present Eva Ray’s and Ivy Rain’s second encounter. These two have a long history and have faced each other many times for various companies and with differing results. This is their second match for us, and it’s a scorcher.

Their first match with sexfighting rules was very even, but today Eva Ray has Ivy’s number and pretty much dominates her. The petite redhead uses her dreaded grapevine and scissorholds to control Ivy and then punish her large breasts and rub her pussy.

On this occasion Ivy is putty in Eva’s hands as she is made to endure a cycle of pain and pleasure as she is spread wide and her pussy rubbed. She tries her best to put Eva off her game by sexually attacking from the bottom licking Eva’s pussy, but today Eva is determined to put Ivy firmly in her place.

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