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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0023 - Alora Lux vs Mandy Foxx Titfight

Alora Lux and Mandy Foxxx square off in a titfight. Both of these ladies go nipples to nipple bear hugging each other. They tit box using their massive mammaries to slap the other into submission. They claw and maul sensitive nipples and slam boob to boob.

The power of these breasts slamming together knock the girls backward. They elicit cries of pain as their boobs become more sensitive, as this war rages on one girl’s cries become more desperate but she bravely carries on unenthusiastic to submit that her rival’s breasts are stronger.

Eventually she can take no more and has to suffer the indignity of conceding defeat as her rival flexes behind her pinching her painful sensitive breasts one final time as punishment.

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