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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0024 - Ivy Rain vs Rosie Sexfight Rematch

In their first encounter during our sexfight tournament rookie Rosie, stunned us all by defeating experienced Ivy Rain in the first round. Now Ivy is out for revenge, she is determined not to underestimate the younger blonde this time.

This is an all out sweat drenched war, as Ivy tries to use her wrestling experience to trap the stronger taller blonde in scissorholds and then rub her pussy. Rosie powers out and shows Ivy that she is still no push over.

Both ladies get fingers inside their rival as well as their mouths and tongues tasting the juices of the other. They trib pussy to pussy the sweat acting as lubricant as they battle for supremacy.

One lady eventually claims victory breathing heavily as she sits on her rival's face as the sweat droplet bead on her forehead.

Will Ivy Rain claim redemption or will Rosie humiliate my wife a second time?

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