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RAIN0025 - Ivy Rain vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight

Madame Vanquish is synonymous with absolutely decimating her foes on the wrestling mats, but this is the first time she has fought under our sexfight rules.

Her opponent, my wife, Ivy Rain who has been Vanquished by the dominatrix twice before for https://www.clips4sale/studio/8612/wrestlingmonica-s-real-wrestling Ivy is seeking revenge for the humiliation she has suffered before and feels that the sexfight rules favour her.

It certainly seems that way at the start of the match as she places Vanquish in scissorholds, grapevines and plants her boobs firmly in the dominatrix’s face.

She really has Madame Vanquish in trouble once she starts to rub her pussy as the dominatrix enjoys the stimulation. She’d been begging for this fight with Ivy, keen to get her hands and split tongue on my wife and I was only too happy to oblige her.

There comes a point in the fight where she realises that she could lose this sexfight against Ivy, even though she is bigger and stronger and that if she doesn’t take charge then she will be humiliated by Ivy.

The turning point is when she manages to get her fingers deep into Ivy’s pussy, seeing the reaction Vanquish knows what she has to do and the sexfight is on.

These two go to war on the mats, using pussy rubbing, tongues and fingers to drive the other woman into sexual submission. Ivy uses her womanly charms, whilst Madame Vanquish resorts to overpowering Ivy and at every opportunity inserting two of her big fingers deep into the brunette.

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