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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0026 - Alora Lux vs Beth Bennett Sexfight

Two proud, powerful women face off in a sexfight as busty blonde Beth Bennett takes on busty Alora Lux in a sexfight. These women have faced off against some of our top sexfighters and now are ready to test their sexy bodies against each other.

Both are a fan of bearhugs and wrap their strong arms around the other simultaneously squeezing whilst bringing their opponents body close. Beth’s tanned skin contrasts against the pale skin of Alora.

They rub each other’s pussies, use their tongues and trib with their thighs and pussies, neither wanting to concede to the other.

They battle across the mats and the result could go either way but by the end one woman is writhing in defeated ecstasy on the mats whilst the winners worships her large breasts and then rubs her pussy with a foot of victory but whether it is Alora or Beth which comes out on top you will have to purchase this match to discover.

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