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RAIN0027 - Ivy Rain vs Mandy Foxxx Titfight

In RAIN0023 stunning Mandy Foxxx absolutely annihilated and destroyed Alora Lux’s breast in a brutal titfight which had Alora crying out in agony.

Now Ivy Rain steps up to challenge Mandy to find out who has the best breasts.

Both women have amazing mammaries and are confident of victory.

First they meet in a breast to breast bear hug before they exchange mutual breast mauling digging their fingers in their rival’s tits. They slam into each other nipple to nipple and breast to breast.

Mandy wraps her large tits around one of Ivy’s and clamps Ivy’s big natural breasts between causing her to cry out in pain.

The breast slamming, mauling and smothering continues until one girl can take no more and suffers the indignity of having her hair pulled and her breast mauled whilst the winner conducts a brief interview with me.

Will Mandy assert her dominance over the second of or most experienced girls, or will Ivy obtain a measure of revenge for her friend Alora?

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