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RAIN0028 - Ivy Satinee vs Yui Sexfight

Two new sexfighters step onto the mats to challenge each other as visitor from Italy, Ivy Satinee squares off against Londoner, Yui.

Ivy has a wealth of wrestling experience whereas this is Yui’s first time on the mats. These two lovely ladies rub their opponent’s pussy, tease their clits, lick and eat pussy and trib trying to prove that they are sexually superior to their rival.

Before this encounter, the bookies favourite must have been Ivy Satinee, but Yui is not here to be dominated and attacks Ivy with wild abandon, targeting her large tits.

These two go to war, and the sweat is clearly visible and the hair stuck to their faces as they each try to subdue their opponent.

Don’t miss the Mr Rain debut of these two wildcats in this hot sexfight.

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