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RAIN0029 - Ivy Rain vs Penny Banks Sexfight

Ivy Rain challenges fellow WAM babe, Penny Banks to a sexfight. At first Penny is putty in the hands of the brunette, but soon she settles into the art of sexfighting.

These two busty babes rub each other pussys, go down on each other with their tongues and trib vigorously.

At many times in the match one of them finds themselves trapped in a scissorhold whilst their opponent works on their pussy and clit artfully driving them towards orgasm.

The effort produces sweat from the exertion as they both battle to defeat their rival and friend. As the match wears on each girls’s efforts become more frantic. One WAM girl finds herself trapped in a bodyscissor which she struggles to escape from as her opponent feverishly works away on her pussy driving her to the brink of orgasm.

Just as she reaches climax she is able to escape and turn the tables on her foe, and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.

Will experienced sexfighter Ivy Rain suffer another defeat by a newbie or will Penny Banks suffer a devastating (if not pleasurable) loss in her debut sexfight?

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