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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0031 - Ivy Rain vs Tamsin RIley Sexfight

We know you are going to love Tamsin Riley as she squares off against my wife, Ivy Rain in her debut sexfight. Ivy is vastly more experienced than Tamsin who has very little wrestling and sexfighting experience.

Indeed Miss Riley finds herself easily overpowered by Ivy early on who rubs her pussy at will, getting Tamsin extremely close to an early and embarrassing orgasm.

But Tamsin is a quick learner and traps Ivy in a single leg boston crab giving her easy access to Ivy’s pussy enabling her to rub uninhibited driving Ivy perilously close to the edge.

These two trib, lick, finger and rub each other’s pussies furiously trying to make the other cum. Eventually one sweaty girl is trapped and folded up and made to cum and the winner sits on her face and claims victory.

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