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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0032 - Madame Vanquish vs Yui Sexfight

In Madame Vanquish’s debut sexfight she got two fingers deep into Ivy Rain and destroyed the pretty brunette. Now she faces off against Asian sensation Yui with no fingering allowed. Can the petite sexy Yui defeat the dominatrix.

As Yui proved in her debut match against Ivy Satine, this firecracker is not here to make up the numbers and attacks Vanquish with gusto. On numerous occasions she has her in trouble by rubbing her pussy and tribbing aggressively.

But Vanquish is not going to go down without a fight and gets her split tongue on Yui’s pussy making the Asian girl moan with increasing pleasure.

The sweat drips from their bodies in this sexfight which could go either way. Eventually one girl is pinned down and although she does her best to rub pussy from the bottom position she has to concede defeat as the winner's pussy is planted on her face.

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