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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0033 - Ivy Rain vs Ivy Satine Sexfight

Two busty sexfighters both called Ivy square off in a battle of national pride as Italian Ivy Satine takes on my wife Ivy Rain in a competitive sexfight.

Both ladies have wrestling experience and trap each other in scissorholds and bearhugs mashing their huge breasts against her rival.

They rub pussy, lick pussy and trib their pussylips together as they try to defeat the other Ivy. Ivy Satine manages to insert a finger in Ivy Rain and seeing how she reacts thinks she has found the brunette’s weakness.

Sweat pours from their bodies as they trap each other in wrestling holds and try to make the other cum. Eventually one girl has an orgasm ripped from her body and she has to suffer the humiliation of her rival’s sweat drenched pussy being planted on her face as she flexes in victory.

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