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RAIN0034 - Gina Varney vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight

This has to be one of the top five sexfights we have produced to date as gorgeous tall blonde Gina Varney makes her debut against dominatrix Madame Vanquish.

To date Madame Vanquish is undefeated and must have thought that sexy Gina was going to be easy pickings, she couldn’t have been more wrong!

Gina has limited wrestling experience, but she is a lioness and takes the fight to Vanquish who has to use all her power and experience to try to subdue Gina.

These two lick and rub each other pussies, and Vanquish gets her dreaded two fingers inside Gina and pounds away on her.

But Gina is a fighter and keeps trying her best to resist and fights back. Sweat pours from them as they battle right until the final moments when the defeated loser can take no more and has to suffer the indignation of her face being sat on whilst the winner flexes.

Suffice to say after this war the rematch was scheduled straight away.

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