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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0041 - Ivy Rain vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight Rematch

Plain and simply Ivy Rain wants revenge against Madame Vanquish, in their first match Vanquish got two fingers into Ivy’s pussy and finger fucked her to orgasm.

Ivy’s game plan is simple turn Vanquish on so much that she is unable to attack and at all costs keep the Dom’s fingers out of her pussy.

It starts off well, and Ivy is able to keep Vanquish unbalanced by rubbing her pussy and keeping Vanquish’s fingers away from her.

Vanquish finally realises the strategy and then uses her strength and power to overpower Ivy and eventually manages to get her fingers into her.

Ivy tries to resist but eventually the waves of pleasure start to become too much. Ivy digs in, but the realisation starts to dawn on her face that she is going to lose to the dominatrix again.

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