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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0044 - Eva Ray vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight

Two undefeated sexfighters battle to see who is the best as sexpot Eva Ray (sporting her new boobs) and dominant Madame Vanquish fight it out to see who is top of Mr Rain’s.

Both ladies have decimated the competition (particularly my wife, Ivy Rain) and neither is keen to give up that undefeated streak.

Madame Vanquish is a lot bigger and stronger than Eva Ray, but she has beaten larger rivals before. They wrestle scissoring and grapevining each other, pull hair and furiously fight on the mats.

They lick and rub pussy and for the first time Eva Ray gets her pussy fingered by Vanquish’s trademark two fingered technique.

Eventually one proud and usually dominant sexfighters is pinned to the mat and orgasms as the jubilant victor sits on her face pleased at retaining her undefeated title.

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