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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0047 - Chloe Davis vs Ivy Rain Titfight

My busty beautiful wife Ivy Rain never backs down from a challenge, but nothing could have prepared her for titfighting the Glamazon, Chloe Davis.

Chloe maybe taller, stronger and have larger tits than Ivy but this doesn’t stop Ivy from giving her all. She is repeatedly bearhugged and lifted breast to breast by the powerful Chloe, but keeps coming back using her breasts to try and make the bigger girl submit.

When she isn’t getting the desired results breast to breast and breast boxing, she mauls Chloe tits, which enrages the Glamazon who literally lifts Ivy from behind off her feet by her nipples.

These two punish each other’s beautiful big tits boxing with them, biting them and mauling them. Eventually one beautiful lady can take no more and has to suffer the indignity of having to concede defeat as her rival inflicts more punishment and stands above her gloating.

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