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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0050 - Madame Vanquish vs Rosie Sexfight

Madame Vanquish has been dominant in her sexfights for us so far, but sometimes she gets turned on by her sexy opponents which can get her into trouble. Today she squares off against the sexpot blonde Rosie whose tight body makes her opponents go wild.

Vanquish strikes early, rubbing Rosie’s pussy and making her squeal, but once Rosie recovers from the initial onslaught she fights back with pussy rubbing, licking and tribbing trying to put Vanquish off her game.

Vanquish retaliates by utilising her dreaded two fingers deep into Rosie’s tight pussy and using her split tongue to tease the blonde’s clit.

Rosie fights back as best she can but the end was never in doubt as Vanquish sits on her face and plays with her clit.

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