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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0052 - Chloe Davis vs Ivy Rain Sexfight & Domination

From the initial staredown where the Glamazon Chloe Davis literally throws Ivy Rain down to the mats one handed, I knew my wife was in trouble in this amazing sexfight.

The Glamazon throws her powerful thighs around Ivy and traps her in a scissorhold enabling her free reign to attack her breasts and pussy.

Ivy tries her best to fight back, but Chloe is too big and strong and contorts Ivy’s flexible sexy body to enable her to finger her at will, making her moan with pleasure.

Chloe allows Ivy to pleasure her on her own terms, but seems content to control, wrestle, torment, tease and punish Ivy at will.

To her credit Ivy fights back as best she can, but is just Chloe’s plaything.

Even when Ivy’s has cum on the mats from Chloe’s deft fingering, the Glamazon is not finished as she brings out a wand and uses it to make Ivy cum hard, before edging and teasing her, before delivering more orgasms from fingering and the use of the wand.

Eventually she holds the wand against Ivy’s clit causing waves of pleasure and pain to flow through my wife’s sexy body until I call an end to the filming as it’s pretty clear that Ivy can take no more of Chloe’s punishment.

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