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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0053 - Alora Lux vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight

Beautiful redhead Alora Lux is one of our most experienced sexfighters who always gives it her all, unfortunately for her she is also our sexfighters who has had the most orgasms on the mats. Today she faces off against undefeated sexfighter, Madame Vanquish.

Vanquish likes nothing more than making other girls cum using her split tongue and by sticking her fingers deep into her rival’s pussy.

Alora immediately launches at Vanquish and traps her in a scissorhold and to her credit doesn’t stop trying. Vanquish is too strong and powerful, she scents that Alora is a little cum bunny and she wants to extract orgasm after orgasm from her.

Pussies are rubbed, fingered, licked and tribbed, and Alora cums multiple times, but like the energiser bunny she bounces back every time. Sweat pours from them both during this fast paced and orgasmic sexfight encounter.

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