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RAIN0054 - Ivy Rain vs Ivy Satinee Sweaty Scent Battle

Ivy Rain faces off Ivy Satinee in this specially produced custom. The women have a sentimental rivalry and they decide to fight in front of their lover, combining strength and sensuality. They meet to settle their rivalry. They are topless, just wearing a minithong and show their strength and power for the guy to decide who is the more dominant woman. This is an evenly matched match as the ladies have the same strength. They are looking at each other eye to eye.

The ladies intimidate one another, face to face, flexing their biceps and slightly moaning like panthers. They sometimes smell their own armpits to get pheromonal energy before the fight.

They are standing, locking hands in a test of strength, fighting nose to nose with moaning. They are standing forehead to forehead, with venom in the eyes. They really fight until sweat flows from their bodies.

Then, they loudly slam their bellies against each other

Then, they wrestle on the floor, always breast to breast, belly to belly, legs entangled, trying to get the upper hand in an intimate catball.

They very slowly and sensually sniff their sweaty faces simultaneously, and they also regularly sniff the opponent's armpits.

Then, they stand up and they press their bodies in a long double bearhug and they slowly rub their big tits against each other. Sometimes, they lift their arms and they smell each other's armpits, becoming more aware why their respective natural feminine scent drives their man so crazy.. This is a very long breast to breast and belly to belly contact. They both argue over who has the strongest odor.

Afterwards, they proceed to lift each other's arms to deeply smell their sweaty armpits to determine who has the more dominant odor. They slowly rub their armpits very deeply together to mix sweat and aromas and on occasion, sniff their armpits, but each declares her scent the dominant one. Neither is going to allow the other to win this competition and they decide for a rematch, looking at the camera cheek against cheek.

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