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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0055 - Chloe Davis vs Essie - Sexfight & Domination

Sexy little blonde, Essie has just watched the Glamazon Chloe Davis decimate, humiliate and destroy her friend, Ivy Rain. Essie knows what is in store for her, but the brave sexfighter she is does not back down from the challenge. She launches herself at Chloe trying to take the taller girl down who picks her up spinning her round, then lifts her up and starts to play with her pussy.

Essie tries her best but Chloe is too big and powerful and is determined to punish little Essie. So confident and dominant is Chloe she even tells me what to do pointing to exactly where she wants me to point the camera as she rubs, licks and fingers Essie’s pussy.

She traps Essie in a single leg boston and inserts her fingers, she lifts Essie and rubs her pussy. Essie s surfboarded, scissored, stretched and lifted.

Once Chloe gets bored of sexfighting, she sits behind Essie and spreads her legs wide, grabs a Hitachi wand and teases Essie’s nipples before extracting orgasm after orgasm from Essie placing the wand on Essie’s clit.

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