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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0057 - Gina Varney vs Roxi Keogh Sexfight

The Lioness 5’8 blonde Gina Varney takes on her friend equally tall redhead Roxi Keogh on the mats. These two maybe friends, but pride is at stake, and neither lady likes to lose.

These two wrestle each other trying to spread their friends legs to rub her pussy, they trib and lick as they try to beat their friend. Sweat pours from them and runs down between their large breasts.

Gina and Roxi are big strong girls with a desire to win and it shows this one goes right to the wire and just when it looks one is defeated her legs spread and pussy played with, she reverses it and extracts and orgasm from her rival and sits on her face in victory relieved that it is over all sweaty and with her hair all messed up absolutely exhausted.

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