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RAIN0058 Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain Sexfight 3

Ivy Rain hasn’t fared too well against Eva Ray recently so has challenged the Latvian spitfire to a 15 minute ten count pins only match. These two long term rivals do their best to pin each other down using facesitting, grapevines and schoolgirl pins. There is a proud winner, but the loser is not pleased and attacks her rival from behind.

They strip off each other’s swimsuit and bikini respectively and start to sexfight. Eva Ray is coming off back to back losses (the first in her sexfighting career) against Madame Vanquish and Rosie, and is keen to face her rival Ivy. For Ivy’s part she remembers only too well, being spread wide by Eva Ray before having her face sat on, and is keen for revenge.

They go all out with pussy rubbing, fingering, oral and tribbing and each has the other in trouble throughout the long match.

But will Ivy obtain redemption or will Eva Ray destroy Ivy for a third embarrassing defeat?

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