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RAIN0067 Essie vs Eva Ray Sexfight

Eva Ray was completely undefeated for a very long time in sexfights, but things have changed. She is currently on a three match losing streak having been beaten by Vanquish, Rosie and even her rival Ivy Rain.

Surely she can defeat petite blonde Essie who is looking for her first win or has Eva Ray’s dominance going to be a distant memory?

Unfortunately Eva Ray has a point to prove and completely destroys her with tribbing, pussy rubbing and fingering. Essie doesn’t have a chance as Eva Ray starts her fight back to be topdog.

Eventually Essie can take no more as Eva Ray gets two fingers deep inside Essie’s pussy whilst simultaneously stimulating her clit with her tongue as Essie’s eyes roll back into her head.

The rest of the roster has been put on notice Eva Ray is back

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