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RAIN0071 Ivy Rain vs Louise Lee Sexfight

Blonde powerhouse, Louise Lee had an impressive debut in a Tag Team Turmoil match, now she faces off against my wife, Ivy Rain, one on one.

Ivy has the edge in wrestling and sexfighting experience, but Louise is legitimately strong, and powers out of all of Ivy’s scissorholds and locks.

Ivy struggle to keep Louise in place for sexual attacks, and begins to tire from the exertion of trying to control this powerhouse blonde. Louise has Ivy in trouble on multiple occasions but lets her up either due to inexperience or due to a desire to toy with the smaller brunette.

Mainly pussy rubbing and oral are used as these two really sex wrestle around the mats. Eventually one girl is pinned down and has her pussylicked until she can take no more.

Louise Lee has arrived and is going to become a power to be reckoned with as she becomes more experienced. Don’t miss her exciting debut match

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