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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0073 Princess Nikki vs Rosie Sexfight

Princess Nikki’s first match against Ivy Rain was an instant classic as the two engaged in a sexfighting war. Now she takes on the beautiful blonde British Rosie.

They meet on the mats in Spain and immediately begin tribbing each other. Nikki traps Rosie in a spladle and starts to lick and rub her tight pussy, but Rosie is able to use her long legs to escape from a move that spelt doom for Ivy in Nikki’s last match.

Rosie’s height advantage and longer legs cause Nikki major problems, as Rosie even traps her in a suspended surfboard and rubs the smaller blonde’s pussy.

Nikki retaliates with all the moves at her disposal trapping Rosie, and rubbing her pussy, licking her clit and tribbing the British girl.

Eventually one sexy sexfighter sits on her opponent's face and flexes in victory.

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