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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0074 Madame Vanquish vs Tamsin Riley Sexfight

Fearless Tamsin Riley faces her toughest challenge yet in the undefeated Madame Vanquish. She starts well confidently attacking and trapping the larger girl in a bodyscissors, but the dominatrix gets her fingers inside Tamsin very early.

Tamsin tries to power through but Vanquish's two finger attacks are getting Tamsin extremely turned on. She gamely counterattacks whenever the fingers are removed with pussyrubbing, oral and fingering of her own, but her face says it all, she is in real trouble here.

Vanquish senses and feels the wetness start to build around her fingers, and she feverishly continues to work over Tamsin. Vanquish makes Tamsin lick her own juices from her fingers as she knows that Tamsin is ready to cum and cum hard.

Tamsin is spent and tries to mount a cum back but she is drained after a massive orgasm, and the end is never in doubt

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