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RAIN0076 Ivy Rain vs Princess Nikki Competitive Wrestling w Humiliation

Ivy and Nikki’s first sexfight was an intense and hot affair, and was incredibly close. The loser was not happy and immediately after the match challenged the winner to a rematch the very next day. This time however it would be a first as it would be a nude fully competitive match with a humiliation penalty for the loser.

There are submissions on both sides as these two go to war neither wanting to be at the mercy of the victor. They use scissorholds, breast smothers, splits and headlocks to gain submissions.

Eventually one sexy lady is trapped in a combination full nelson and bodyscissor and can take no more leaving the winner to take her prize.

The punishment begins with the winner facesitting the loser and making the loser lick her pussy until she orgasms. The loser wipes the juices from her face in disgust, but the winner isn’t finished and brings a Hitachi Wand onto the mats determined to have her fun.

The ioser is made to cum, suck her own juices from the wand, and then have it put back on her pussy and clit until she orgasms again. The loser then spreads her pussy and shows it to the camera pointing out the flowing juices and fingers her until she can take no more.

The winner declares the loser’s pussy her property, as the loser lays on the mat humiliated, humbled and defeated.

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