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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0079 Alice Mayflower vs Ivy Rain Sexfight

Ivy Rain is confident going into her match against Scottish lass Alice Mayflower. They square up on the mats and grip each other, mashing their boobs together before the blue haired Alice takes Ivy down to the mats and immediately goes to work on my wife’s pussy.

This stuns Ivy who is none too pleased and who jumps her and breast smothers the Scottish newbie. Ivy tweaks Alice’s massive breasts. Pins her down and rubs her pussy. Alice’s inexperience shows as Ivy is able to use her wrestling skills to go to work on the bigger Alice.

Alice to her credit uses her size advantage whenever she can to control Ivy lick, rub and finger her pussy getting her into trouble and very wet when the opportunity presents itself.

This one could go either way but eventually one girl is trapped in a camel clutch while her pussy is rubbed and then her face is sat on as she licks the winner’s victorious pussy.

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