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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0082 Epiphany Jones vs Louise Lee Sexfight

The blonde powerhouse Louise Lee has already defeated experienced Ivy Rain and now faces off against sexy blonde milf Epiphany Jones. Louise wastes no time in getting atop Epiphany. Epiphany tries her best against Louise and manages to gain top position and rub her pussy a few times but Louise is too strong and powers out each time and traps the smaller blonde in camel clutches. Louise also rubs and licks Epiphany’s pussy. They wrestle and get all hot and sweaty until Epiphany can take no more. But Louise is not finished with her and returns to the mats with a vibrator. She toys it over Epiphany’s nipples before pushing it against her clit. Epiphany moans in pleasure as she feels the waves build up and Epiphany has a mind blowing orgasm and sinks to the mats. Louise shoves the vibrator into Epiphany’s mouth so she can taste her own orgasm juices and flexes in victory.

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