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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0084 Tamsin Riley vs Madame Vanquish Custom Sexfight

Madame Vanquish is none too pleased that a custom client has ordered a custom where she has to fight Tamsin Riley again.

Both ladies start in bikinis and predictably its Madame Vanquish who is in control and strips Tamsin and traps her in various wrestling holds including camel clutch, boston crab and scissors.

Tamsin is also subjected to deep fingering and hand over mouth smothers. Vanquish is bored and is happy that she has defeated Tamsin quickly and easily. But Tamsin gets up and low blows Vanquish and pounces on her, rubbing her pussy.

It is now Vanquish who is stripped of her bikini and having her pussy licked and rubbed by Tamsin.

Tamsin inserts her fingers into Vanquish’s pussy and works feverishly to make the bigger sexfighter cum. Tamsin gets her revenge on Vanquish, makes her cum, and humbles her.

Leading a naked Vanquish up the stairs and into the office and pushes her tits into Vanquish’s mouth.

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