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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0086 Alice Mayflower vs Cherri Peaches Sexfight

Scottish sexbomb Alice Mayflower lost her first sexfight against Ivy Rain, but will she be able to chalk up her first sexfighting victory against feisty sexpot newcomer, Cherri Peaches.

These two busty competitors go all out. Alice gets her finger’s into Cherri’s pussy early who is very vocal at the pleasure being inflicted. Alice has a huge size advantage and sits on Cherri’s face, and fingers Cherri vigorously, but Cherri just keeps on coming at Alice and gets in attacks too.

Eventually one competitor reverse facesits the other with fingers deep inside the opponent’s pussy whilst claiming victory but will it be victory in Cherri’s debut or will Alice now that she has gained some experience pick up the win.

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