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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0089 Ivy Rain vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight 3

We have many rivalries between our sexfighter, but one which so far has been distinctly one-sided is the one between my wife, Ivy Rain and dominant Madame Vanquish. Try as she can, my wife can’t handle the split tongue and two finger technique of Vanquish.

They match up again today, and as always Ivy is confident that today is the day she tames the beast. Ivy has learnt from their previous encounters and manages to resist and escape when Vanquish tries to get her fingers deep inside Ivy’s tight pussy. Ivy is in trouble when Vanquish traps her and goes to work by inserting her fingers in whilst simultaneously stimulating Ivy’s clit with her other hand, but Ivy manages to escape.

Sensing success, Vanquish realises Ivy isn’t going to lay there and take it like a good girl, she tries to trap Ivy in a tight wrestling holds so that Vanquish can go to work unimpeded.

Will Ivy be able to resist or will this end like their previous encounters with Vanquish sat on her face after fingering her to defeat?

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