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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0090 Alice Mayflower vs Eva Ray Sexfight

This is the sexfight which will decide if Alice Mayflower is going to be a dominant power on our mats. Her record is currently 1:1 having lost to Ivy in her first sexfight, and then picking up the win against newbie Cherri Peaches in her second. Now she faces her stiffest challenge yet as she faces top ranked sexfighter petite Eva Ray. The size difference is obvious from the start as Alice dwarfs Eva Ray. She woman handles the smaller girl down to the mats and sits on top of her and immediately begins to rub Eva’s pussy. Try as she might Eva Ray is unable to shift the bigger Alice who gets a finger into Eva’s pussy early. Eva Ray is a fierce sexfighter though and manages to reverse it and get on top of Alice and starts tribbing her. The sexfight is on as neither of these competitors want to lose. Eva Ray has to use all of her wrestling experience to prevent a complete domination, but Alice is too big and strong and Eva Ray is subjected to the longest humiliating facesitting sequence we’ve ever filmed beneath Alice’s sexy large ass. It’s an embarrassing end for the normal dominant Eva Ray.

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