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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0094 Sunflower dominates Ivy Rain Custom

In this specially produced custom we present the first in a series of domination matches to a script

Both start with Leggings and Exercise Tops. Sunflower pink lipstick. Ivy no make up and hair up.

Both serious and focused throughout.

Each fall starts with both embracing and passionate kissing. Sunflower obtains a takedown and wraps her legs around Ivy's neck. Ivy submits.

Next we have both removing their tops and leggings. They are both down to black thongs.Rolling around on the mats Sunflower is in the zone as she attacks Ivy's crotch and sucks her nipples. Eventually Ivy submits.

The next fall sees Sunflower ordering Ivy to remove her thong. More sex wrestling with Sunflower in the zone again. The action flows naturally.

Sunflower eventually sits on top of Ivy and rubs her crotch into Ivy's face. Exhausted Ivy taps out but is loving it.

Sensing a victory.Sunflower gets up with Ivy still on the mats exhausted.

Sunflower then removes her sweaty hot thong and confidently announces I am going to mark the great Ivy Rain with my scent.I have her at my mercy.

She then returns to the mats and facesits Ivy. She rubs her crotch all over Ivy's face and is really enjoying her moment. She mauls Ivy's breasts and crotch as she obtains the final submission from Ivy.

At the end Sunflower stands hands on hips as she orders slave Ivy to suck her nipples. More passionate kissing before Ivy has to kiss and lick

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