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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0095 Tag Team Turmoil 2 Eva & Ivy vs Alice & Vanquish

It’s the second of our frenetic Tag Team Turmoil matches as the team of Ivy Rain and Eva Ray square off against the team of Alice Mayflower and Madame Vanquish.

These two teams have a lot of history and they launch at their rivals with wild abandon wrestling and sexfighting all over the mats. They double team and cheat staying on the mats for longer than the allotted time and the rules go out the window as all four ladies scissor, wrestle, lick, trib, rub and finger pussies in an attempt to pick up the win.

By the end of the third round all four girls are exhausted and the two losers have a trib off to see who will face the final punishment. The losing wrestler is punished 2 vs 1 with a doxy wand by the winning team and endures multiple orgasms for being the ultimate loser. But which sexy lady will it be?

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