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RAIN0096 Amirah Adara vs Tamsin Riley Sexfight

Amirah Adara is going to be a dominant power here at Mr Rain. Here she faces off against experienced Tamsin Riley, I had given Tamsin a fair warning of what to expect but she didn’t take my notes of caution seriously enough and is destroyed by the petite Hungarian.

Amirah completely destroys Tamsin on the mats. Rubbing her pussy and fingering her at will and Tamsin is at a loss to know what to do. The dawning realisation is clear on Tamsin’s face that she is in trouble early on, as Amirah goes to work.

Tamsin’s whimpers and moans of pleasure become more intense as the match goes on, and she is humiliated as she has the first squirting orgasm on the mats we have managed to capture on film as Amirah deftly works her clit whilst pumping her with two fingers into her pussy.

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