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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0099 Epiphany Jones vs Tamsin Riley Sexfight

Blonde Epiphany Jones and brunette Tamsin Riley are mid ranked sexfighters. Both have picked up wins against more experienced competitors but also both have been on the receiving end of humiliating defeats.

Both are keen to continue to move up the rankings and go all out in this competitive sexfight. These two sexy warriors rub and lick pussy and trib. They sit on each other’s faces trying to outsex their opponent and make them cum.

This is a sweaty encounter and by the end one woman is clearly defeated by her rival and suffers the indignity of having her face sat and having to lick winning pussy whilst the winner poses and smiles for the camera.

Who is going to slip into jobber territory and who will be jumping up the rankings in this hard fought sexfight?

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