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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0100 Amirah Adara vs Ivy Rain Sexfight

My wife, Ivy Rain had already watched Tamsin Riley be destroyed and made to squirt on the mats at the hands of Amirah Adara and was determined not to share the same fate.

She attacked Amirah trapping her in a body scissors but Amirah escapes and starts to suck her big tits whilst pinning Ivy down and then immediately starts to frantically rub Ivy’s pussy.

Ivy powers out but Amirah is relentless in pinning Ivy down and at every opportunity going to work on Ivy’s pussy. But Ivy isn’t going to let this have it all her own way and attacks from the bottom and enjoys some success when she folds Amirah up.

Amirah then folds Ivy up and finally gets two fingers in and nearly makes Ivy cum early on but Ivy powers out and starts to lick Amirah’s pussy.

These two sexfighting warriors are relentless in attacking each other’s pussy with tongues and fingers each doing their best to make the other cum.

They both get very sweaty in the Spanish heat, their hair sticking to them as they struggle to be the victor. Eventually you can see one sexual gladiator realise that she is going to lose to her rival, but still she fights on trying her best to defeat her rival.

Finally one woman cums for the last time and cums hard, as her sweaty rival sits on her face and flexes in victory.

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