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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0101 Cherri Peaches vs Eva Ray Sexfight

Eva Ray defeated Cherri Peaches in their titfight and Cherri wanted revenge. So they challenged the Princess of Mr Rain’s to a sexfight.

Eva Ray is vastly more experienced then Cherri, but Cherri is a sexual energiser bunny and doesn’t give up. Eva has to use all her experience and wrestling skills to try and contain Cherri.

Cherri is incredibly motivated to get their hands, fingers and lips onto Eva Ray’s pussy and everytime they manage to do this Eva Ray is in trouble, eliciting moans of pleasure. Eva does everything she can to avoid Cherri being in control, so desperate not to be humiliated in defeat by the newbie.

These two are all over the mat in this frantic battle at the end Cherri traps Eva Ray’s arms behind her back and fingers her pussy, will Eva Ray be able to escape or will the rookie inflict an embarrassing defeat?



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